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Sunday Evening Supper

:: food, family

For many people, Sunday lunch or Sunday supper is a family time, a time for really shining—showing forth both culinary and familial prowess. A tradition, a secular sacrament, as it were.

Not me.

The Art of Computer Programming

:: code, reading

This past Saturday, I purchased Donald Knuth’s The Art of Computer Programming, and it arrived on Tuesday. I’ve looked at the first volume, briefly, and read through a couple sections.

I’m neither a programmer nor a mathematician, but I’ve long been fascinated by the issues of both. Here’s a very simple program using Euclid’s algorithm to determine the greatest common divisor of two positive integers. This is the algorithm which Knuth uses in section 1.1 to demonstrate what an “algorithm” actually is.

Please bear with me while I walk through the program with some commentary on its thought process (this has a point, I promise).

BSides NOLA 2015

:: security, BSides, New Orleans

So I was sick Wednesday evening, Thursday, and Friday. I can’t say I recommend it.

But I was feeling well enough Friday afternoon that I and the family drove down to New Orleans. My wife has family there, so we visited of course, but I spent most of Saturday at BSides NOLA. I’d never been to such an event, but really enjoyed all the speakers I heard. There were too many for me to hear them all!

A Year in Review — 2014

:: life

I did not have any children born this year.

I did change jobs. Also job fields, and even sectors. Working professionally (again) in IT is a lot different from working in HR. Working for a private company is a lot different from working for government.

You could not pay me enough money to go back. Though I suppose the most obvious ways I’ve made an impact since I took my new job September 1 have been heavily based on that governmental HR experience. Still, while I continue to think that “follow your passion” is harmful advice, it is nice to get paid for things I’d like to do anyway.

Here’s hoping that 2015 is a truly blessed year for everyone reading this.

Install Leafnode on CentOS 7

:: Linux, CentOS, Usenet

I read my mailing lists via Gmane. So I’ve decided to set up leafnode(8) locally—running a full-fledged newsserver like INN just for myself seemed a bit like overkill—to make things a bit faster for myself, and thought I’d document the process in case I need to recreate it later after the inevitable disk crash.