Unconscious Inertia

What Is This?

I’m Carson Chittom, and this is my website. I’ve had a website off and on for over twenty years now, but even when blogging was popular, I didn’t stick to it much. Lately, though, I’ve found a desire—though usually not the energy—to write more.

There is of course the requisite blog.



In the fourth quarter of 2020, I began to keep up with what books I read.


orthodox-christian-new-calendar-holidays is a trivial Emacs package to add Orthodox Christian feasts and fasts to Emacs’ list of holidays, according to the New Calendar (i.e., fixed feasts on the Gregorian calendar, Paschal cycle on the Julian). It’s available in MELPA.

Robotics/AI Reading List

A reading list of articles and essays which have informed my thinking about robotics and AI. No endorsement is intended of any particular item.